What the love means


Have you ever loved someone? Feeling that you couldn’t even live without him or her? You are not alone, because almost adults growing to become a man or a woman, he or she passed a phase we call what the love means.

As a man when you were a boy, you found a cute girl then you could do anything to make her happy. Gave a gift, trained to play guitar to show romantic song, wrote some love poems –no care to pinch words even didn’t know what the means-, and acted as naughty boy hoping the girl said “OMG..he is so cool!”. Also as a woman when she was a girl, she had absolute discretion to reject and to accept the boy. Said no to the ugly boys, said no to the boys with no motorcycle, and said no no no no…to unknown boys. Wont to focus on study and couldn’t be allowed by her parents were common reasons to reject the unlucky boys. No matter how she broke the heart’s boys though the boys could find other girls in days…and repeated again and again.

In our life, to love someone is a grace of God. But we often place it in the wrong space. In my view, there are three steps where someone can find the true love. Interest, have you ever enamored to someone in the first sight? Or felt comfort to share, to get hang out, and to walk together? Do not doubt that you’re absolutely interested to someone. On this point you can make a relationship since you have a chance to reach next step, there’s a love.

Love is an emotion with strong affection. With some people feel a different feeling and a unique sense. You will be sad to loss someone you love, and you want to become the first one who knows his or her sadness and happiness. You feel…that everything of him or her is amazing. Every one has different ways to love someone. It cannot be forced, even how strong you are. You can firstly love someone from physic, kindness, intelligence, and more. Even you can love someone because of weakness. I, honestly, believe that the weaknesses can be the most important tools to love. Moreover, love is unpredictable. Someone needs years to get love, but the others need only a few moments, suddenly, depend on situation, condition, and the impulses.

The final step is need. You need her or him. I don’t want to explain more about it, but all of you know guys..that is a true love. But it is big secret of God, what, when, and how we get the love. A boy and a girl grow and learn a love from the pleasure, the cheerfulness, and also the broken-hearted.


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