S2 di Swedia, berminat?

Sebenernya gue udah lama mau ngepost ini..secara banyak diantara kita yang lebih berngan-angan buat s2 ke amerika, jepang, jerman, atau bahkan yang deket kayak singapur dan Australia. Sedikit dari kita yang mungkin melirik Negara-negara skandinavia di eropa sana. Padahal kualitas juga gak bisa dianggap enteng. Salah satu negara yang menarik dijadikan rujukan adalah swedia.

Swedia adalah salah satu negara paling kaya di eropa. Sistem negara yang multi kultur dengan berbagai etnis yang saling menghargai satu sama lain. Dan yang tidak kalah penting, swedia dikenal sebagai negara free sex nomer satu!! 🙂 Berminat?? Namun yang lebih penting dari itu semua jelas bahwa pendidikan tinggi di Swedia tidak dipungut biaya!! A.k.a gratissss tisss tisss!! Tapi untuk biaya hidup sih bayar ndiri…sama aja bo’ong yha??hihi..tapi lumayan lah daripada jerman yang udah mulai mungut biaya dari mahasiswanya..btw, nih gue copas cuplikan dari isi panduan buat belajar di swedia..


SWEDEN IS KNOWN for its creativity, cutting-edge research and

independent thinking. Technologically advanced and bold enough to

experiment with new concepts and ideas, Sweden is regarded as a

nation of early adopters and trend setters.

But it is not only in technology that Sweden excels. Swedish

campuses are among the most progressive worldwide, with an emphasis

on equality, democracy and cultural awareness. There is a modern

approach to learning, where student-teacher relations are informal and

easygoing. Professors are on a first-name basis with students and often

accessible outside lecture hours. You have the ability to influence your

own studies, and your ideas and opinions count.

High standards are guaranteed: Swedish universities have a

reputation for rigorous quality control, with nationally certified

degrees. Sweden has one of the most ambitious educational

evaluation programs in Europe aimed at maintaining this competitive

edge globally.

Theory is easily turned into practice: Cooperation between

academia and industry forms an integral part of many Swedish

master’s degree programs, giving you a distinct advantage over your

peers when entering the job market.

You’re in good company: Sweden attracts more and more

international students, and universities have extensive experience in

dealing with the specific needs of foreign students. International

offices strive to make your stay as rewarding as possible, from the

moment your application is accepted.

English is Swedes’ second language: English is widely spoken

and understood by Swedes. Swedish universities offer 500 master’s

degree programs taught in English aimed at international students.

For more information, see www.studyinsweden.se.


Download here

Study in Swedenpdf


One thought on “S2 di Swedia, berminat?

  1. rizki dyah k. May 6, 2009 at 4:19 am

    pengin yang semuanya gratis dimana kak????

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